Gallon Paint Can Safe

$39.95 $25.00

Keep your valuables safe and secure in the last place anyone would look. The Gallon Paint Can Safe is an authentic looking (doesn't look as clean as the picture) product container with a great little secret. Inside is a custom fit plastic safe insert with a screw on lid. Use it in your home, at work or for travel. A heavy-duty plastic insert keeps everything safely inside. This is a perfect hiding place for a small handgun or anything valuable.

  • Authentic looking product container with real "gunk" on the lid (not the end that opens to reveal the safe) so it will look "right" sitting next to other used paint cans
  • Sturdy construction
  • Proper weight so that if someone picks it up, it feels like a heavy can of paint (Very Important)
  • Effectively hide any valuables
  • Will fit a small handgun