Full Face Gas Mask

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High-Quality Silicone Material-

ANPTY respirator mask is made of silicone and thermoplastic elastomer material, which is soft and durable, wear it for a long time without feeling uncomfortable.

Adjustable and elastic four-point head straps, suitable for all kinds of head types.

Our lightweight gas masks are safe for chemicals and is safe healthy and easy to clean.

Full Facepiece Respirator Mask-

Impact-resistant polycarbonate welding shield with a large field of vision, a built-in anti-fog layer.

A good view makes your work more convenient.

Built-in speaking diaphragm, clear voice transmission, more convenient and efficient communication.

ANPTY respirator mask with filters is a good choice in chemical industry or other fields.

Powerful Filtration and Venting-

The mask adopts double silicone, which can closely fit the face and provide close protection.

Is equipped with a 40mm gas filter canister and activated carbon filters, which effectively filter organic vapors, toxic gases, and common particulate matter.

Centrally located exhalation valve reduces heat, moisture and user fatigue risk, with high suction and low resistance for smooth breathing.

High-Efficiency Wide Application-

Dust mask compatible with Industry Standard 40mm Gas Filter Canister, which can block a variety of substances.

Great for filtering small dusts, mists, metallic fumes or paint spray.

Suitable for painting, welding, agricultural operations, polishing, petroleum, mining, environmental technology protection and so on.

Package Includes:

1x full-face gas mask, 1 x 40mm Gas Mask Filter Canister, 2x Carbon Filter Cartridges,

4x Filter Cottons, 2x Filter Covers.