Folding Survival Shovels (6 Pack)

$69.95 $59.95

What You Will Receive:

  • You will get 6 pieces of folding shovel to meet various usage needs;

    Whether you are backpacking on a wilderness adventure or preparing for an emergency, this emergency shovel is a vital necessity in outdoors;

    Each camping shovel comes packed in a sturdy bag for easy storage and to protect the edges from being damaged; It also protects the user from edges

Multifunctional Design:

  • This survival shovel can be applied for digging or at 90 degrees for trenching;

    The serrated cutting edge can cut or chop small branches for kindling or fire building;

    Nice for chopping ice, cutting through packed soil and more;

    The triangle shaped handle provides a positive grip on this hardworking tool

Compact and Portable:

  • The small shovel have a small size and it folds in three directions with a carrying pouch;

    The backpacking shovel folds in three directions so that it will store in a bag that is about only 8'' long x 6'' wide;

    Head size is about 6.1 x 4.4";

    Total length is about 19";

    Shovel thickness is about 1.5 mm, strong enough to endure the toughest conditions;

    You can keep the shovel in your car, backpack or toolbox

Quality Material:

  • The trenching shovel carefully constructed with 45 high carbon steel, this heat treated mini folding camp shovel is built to last with rust resistance and anti deformation for dependable use under extreme conditions;

    This trench shovel is lightweight, weighs only about 1.3 lbs;

    We strongly recommend that you rinse and dry the collapsible shovel after using it on the beach, otherwise the strong corrosion of sea water will cause damage to the product

Wide Application Range:

  • The small shovels for digging is designed to be the tool to dig fire pits or trench drainage lines around tents;

    A tool to add dirt to extinguish a fire and make sure it is dead out to avoid wildfires when breaking camp;

    This camping shovel folding multi tool has a addition to the trunk of any vehicle so that you can dig out if your vehicle becomes stuck in mud or snow; Can also be applied for the garden at home for planting, cultivating and much more