Fire Cards

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The new Fire Cards are credit card sized fire-starting tools which take up minimal space in a survival kit or fits in your wallet so you’ll always have it when needed.

Comes with 2 cards, one an accelerant and one a fuel.

Due to its thin profile and easy gripping, its very easy to create magnesium shavings, which when ignited by ferrocerium sparks will burn extremely hot to ignite your tinder.

Size: 3.26” x 2.10” x 0.05”. Weight: 0.28 oz.

Made in USA.

The Cedar Card is a survival kindling card made from a solid piece of Western Red Cedar, known for its hot burn (even when damp) due to its natural oils and resins.

It's pre-scored and ready for breaking into pieces and forming a fire base.

Works great when using magnesium shavings and ferrocerium or even just a match.

Size:  3.37” x 2.13” x 0.10”. Weight: 0.1 oz.

Sustainably grown and made in USA.