Fake Video Surveillance Dome Camera with Flashing Red LED Light

$49.95 $39.95



Indicator Light

Help scare intruders

Security is everyone's number one concern when it comes to your family, home, and business.

We know this.

And we know the relief of knowing you have extra eyes exactly where you need them.

It would be amazing to be able to monitor your employees, keep a close watch on your property, and make sure your family is safe!

Unfortunately, state of the art surveillance equipment can cost a pretty penny.

The good news is there is a more cost effective solution to fend off intruders & increase security!

Our cameras look so convincing that most people won’t be able to tell the difference between them and the real thing!

Potential intruders will be dissuaded from entering your property the moment they see this camera, and will opt for an easier target.

Employees will work their hardest knowing you're watching!

Easy installation

Activation Light

Realistic Appearance

No Wiring Needed

Powered by 2 x AA 1.5V batteries (NOT Included)

Size: 11.60*7.00cm (Diameter*H)