Fake Blood- 1 Pint

$24.95 $19.95

Realistic Effect – This fake blood comes in bright red color that dries up on the skin and clothes in the same color close to the real thing.

Complement your powerful performance, prank or costume with a prop that screams nothing but blood!

Right Consistency – Gushing blood from your side with the knife still stabbed?

Want to look like you just finished eating someone?

Our fake blood can give all these effects and more.

No Mess, Easy Cleanup – This fake blood is made of water-soluble ingredients that makes it washable and can be wiped from surfaces.

You can still reuse your clothes and costumes minus the blood fake.

For All Your Fake Blood Needs – This blood is Expert-approved stage blood.

It can be used by screen and theater actors, cosplayers, trick-or-treaters, vampires, con artists, practical jokers or spooky characters.
You can make every portrayal, believable.

Individual product label may vary.

1 Pint (16 ounces)
Will 1 be enough for your needs? Why not get 2?