Lockpicking- EZ Lock Pick Kit

$59.95 $49.95

Looking for a new and exciting hobby that also doubles as a valuable skill set?

Look no further than our comprehensive EZ Lock Picking Kit!

This kit includes 17 high-quality stainless steel lock picks, perfect for tackling a variety of locks.

The transparent practice padlock and door lock help beginners understand the inner workings of the locking mechanism and hone their lock picking skills.

The soft-shell zipper case makes it easy to take your kit on the go.

In addition, our EZ Lock Picking kit includes four high-quality stainless steel shims, designed to be an effective tool for bypassing padlocks.

17-piece set of lock pick tools.

Stainless steel.

Comfy handles.

Same high quality professional tools used by locksmiths around the world.

Durable Soft-Shell Zipper Case.

Very tough non-rip soft case that securely holds all your pick tools in one tidy package.

Two “transparent” practice door locks.

These are the kind of standard pin tumbler locks that you'll find on almost every door in America.

Use these to practice anywhere.

And being able to see inside the lock makes learning fast and easy.

Even includes the keys.

One transparent practice padlock.

Use this to master picking open the padlock or use the quicker and easier “shim” technique.

  Also includes the key just in case.