Escape Wire Micro Saw- 50 Count (Bulk)

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($10.00 each vs $14.95 each when purchased separately)

The new Escape Wire™ Micro Saw represents a breakthrough in miniaturized cutting technology.

It combines the extreme cutting capability of diamonds with unprecedented miniaturization.

It was developed for certain military and government personnel for survival and escape/evasion applications.

It’s just the size of a nickel, but deploys to a 26” saw.

Escape Wire™ is an amazingly thin diamond cutter—its diameter is just 1/100 of an inch!

Its thinness and consistent spacing and sizing of diamond particles adhered to its steel core provide a clean cut with maximum efficiency and minimal kerf loss (the amount of material lost during any cutting process) when cutting hard materials.

It can easily cut through zip-ties, rope, wood, plastic, etc.

Weight: 0.06 oz. Diameter: 0.84”. Thickness: 0.09”.

Designed for single application usage.

Made in USA.