Escape / Survival Boot Laces

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These boot laces are not only the toughest available, they also provide unique escape and survival capabilities.

They feature a patented integral handcuff key which can instantly install on any of its aglets (lace tips). The key attaches securely over an aglet utilizing a combination of compression, friction, and suction, which securely retains it, yet releases easily when required.

The key remains unnoticed, “hidden in plain sight” until a worst-case abduction or hostage scenario suddenly becomes a reality. Even when handcuffed behind your back, the key is accessible simply by bending your knee up.

Also, the laces can easily cut through plastic zip-ties, duct tape, or para-cord if your wrists are bound. The laces are woven Technora®, and won’t break like most laces are prone to. They have an amazing breaking strength of over 950 lbs. They’re highly abrasion-resistant, water-resistant, won’t melt, have low stretch, resist ultraviolet degradation, hold knots well, and are PTFE-coated to provide protection from the elements.

When required, these laces can be re-deployed as state-of-the-art survival cordage. The aglets are bonded to the lace, so no more frayed lace ends either.

US patents: 8,667,822 and 9,523,216.
Unit of sale: two laces, one key. Color: Black.

Select from 36", 45", 54", 60" or 72" sizes when ordering.