Escape and Evasion Compass Button

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The new E&E Compass Button by Shomer-Tec was inspired by the escape & evasion compasses developed by the Americans and British during WWII.

They were issued to Allied airmen and commandos.

These specialized escape compasses were small, had minimal markings, and provided gross magnetic north indication.

They were designed to avoid being detected and confiscated if captured.

Now – 80 years later – we’ve brought the escape compass to a new level of covertness.

Recently developed for certain elite US units that operate in dangerous areas around the world, this new update increases escape and survival odds in situations where other direction-finding tools will not be an option.

The E&E Compass Button avoids detection and confiscation by captors since it remains hidden in plain sight.

It looks like and functions as a regular button, and is un-recognizable as a compass.

It can be substituted for one of the buttons on your existing clothing or just sewn into a garment as a spare button.

To deploy, simply remove the button and then pull out its titanium gimble pin.

With the pin pointing upward, place the button with its bottom (flat) side down onto the pin (there’s a hidden 5th hole to put the pin into in the center of the bottom side).

The button will then self orient and after a few seconds the small dimple on the top of the button will indicate magnetic north.

Always be prepared – sew one of these into your clothing so you’ll always have a direction-finding tool available when you most need it.

  Diameter: 3/4”.

Thickness: 3/16”.

Weight: 0.07 oz.

Button material: Plastic.

Made in USA.

Available in 3 colors: black, tan and dark green.

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