Emergency Survival Poncho

$22.95 $19.95

In emergency situations, you have to always be ready for harsh and unpredictable weather.

Thanks to the SOL Emergency Survival Poncho, now you can prepare for it.

When you’re in a survival situation, you need to be able to pick up and go at a moment’s notice. The SOL Series Emergency Survival Poncho is built for just that purpose.

The poncho weighs a mere 2.3 oz., meaning it won’t weigh you down when you’re on the move.

It packs up small and is ultra-lightweight making it the perfect size to fit in your survival pack.

This lightweight yet sturdy poncho is the perfect wearable shelter to keep you dry and on the move no matter the elements or environment you find yourself in.

Weather can take a severe toll on your body, especially when you’re out in it unexpectedly.

But with the SOL Series Emergency Survival Poncho, you’ll be prepared to face all sorts of unexpected elements.

Built with heat sheets material and sealed seams, this wearable shelter is completely waterproof and windproof, all while reflecting 90% of your body heat back to you.

This means you stay warm and dry no matter the weather.

Let’s keep in mind that it’s not always just you that needs to stay safe from bad weather – your gear does, too!

The SOL Series Emergency Survival Poncho fits one person, but has ample room to cover not just you, but your survival pack, too.