Electric Gun Wine Opener- Silver

$52.95 $49.95


  • RECHARGEABLE WINE BOTTLE OPENER - Fully rechargeable with the included charging base.
  • Simply leave the wine opener on the charger as it will stop charging when full.
  • Achieves a full charge in 12 hours.
  • Comes with included charging base and power supply.

  • 🍷OPENS UP TO 30 WINE BOTTLES ON SINGLE CHARGE - Be trigger happy as this cork remover will uncork 30 bottles before it needs a re-charge.
  • Simply holster your wine weapon in the included charging base when done using.

  • 🍷SUPER EASY TO USE - When on top of the wine bottle simply pull the trigger and apply slight pressure.
  • Keep pulling the trigger until the wine opener turns off.
  • This means the cork has been fully removed.
  • Then when off of the bottle push trigger forward to extract cork.
  • No need to physically pull out the cork as the wine gun does all the heavy lifting for you.

  • 🍷INCLUDES FOIL CUTTER AND WALL CHARGER - Everything you need is included to start blasting some wine bottles.
  • Foil cutter to remove those stubborn foil wrappers and a wall charger.

  • 🍷FULL 12 MONTH FACTORY GUARANTEE - Full 12 month guarantee against manufacturer defects.