DVD- Joint Locks

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RORY MILLER's bestselling video.

Learn to Improvise Joint Locks Under Pressure:

Joint locks are widely regarded as one of the most versatile physical tools-- they can move, immobilize, submit or severely injure a threat.

They are also justifiably regarded as one of the more difficult of martial arts skills to implement in real life.

In this video, Rory Miller makes the case that the problem is not with the locks themselves, but with our teaching methods.

A principles-based approach allows relative beginners to improvise joint locks with one hour of training, something that many traditional approaches have failed to do with hundreds of hours.

Joint locks are NOT primary self-defense techniques.

If you are in a position that requires self-defense you are justified in and likely need a higher level of force.

However, if your job requires controlling violent people with minimal injury you must be good at joint locks and you must be able to improvise them under pressure.

DVD Chapters:

Hinge Joints
Ball and Socket Joints
Gliding Joints
Principles Review
Lock Flow Drill
Escaping Locks

60 Minutes