DVD- Combat Knife Throwing: The Video

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With the inevitability of even more draconian knife and gun laws in our society, improvised weapons are going to play an increasingly important role for the prepared individual.

For the urban warrior, it is necessary to move beyond the open carry of large fixed-blade knives. While both Western knife-throwing and Eastern ninja-throwing techniques have something to offer, each is becoming obsolete in the contemporary era. What is called for is a new approach utilizing the best features of both arts.

With this in mind, the ever-evolving Thorn School has developed an array of new weapon-throwing techniques, tailored to the individual based on body type, age, natural ability, and environmental factors, and stressing quick results over theory.

Drawing on his success with Combat Knife Throwing, in this new video Ralph Thorn presents a more street-oriented curriculum, geared to any individual with an interest in throwing weapons.

He identifies the most common types of throwers, both in terms of body and psychological types, to reach the final stage of no-spin throwing.

Street Knife Throwing will teach you how to turn common pocketknives, screwdrivers, spikes, scissors, and other readily available items into effective throwing weapons.

The video also includes tips for throwing recreationally and for organizing group events.

1) Fundamentals
- Instinctive Throwing
- Safety Measures
- Training Weapons
- Thumb Grip
- Knife-Throwing Grip
- Balance Point
- Gravity
- The 9-12-3 Rule
- Foot Position
- Shoulder Position
- Forearm Angle
2) Types of Throwers
- Power-Overhand Thrower
- Shot-Put Thrower
- Sidearm Thrower
- Compact Thrower
- Punch Thrower
- Coordinated Thrower
- Underhand Thrower
- Strengths and Weaknesses
3) Advanced Training
- Street Throwing vs. Sport Throwing
- Accuracy
- Close Grouping
- Ladder Grouping
- Close Range vs. Long Range
- Wrist Throws
- Elbow Throws
- Shoulder Throws
- Whole-Body Throws
- Dummy Throws
- Backwards Drill
4) Urban Survival Throwing
- Knife Fights or Knife Throws
- Improvised Weapon Throwing
- Screwdrivers and Spikes
- Pocketknives
- Deceptive Throws
- Training Drills
- Blade Throws