Drug Testing- Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit (Pass a Drug Test)

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Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit
The powdered urine kit is the people's choice when a real urine simulation product is needed.
This is the only product we recommend regardless of the sophistication of your experiment.
It includes all vital chemicals and especially uric acid.
At home, before your test, mix with room temperature water (70F/21C).
Arrive nearby/outside the facility about one hour before the experiment and stick the heater on the vial opposite the temperature strip. 
If starting with room temperature water, it will take about 45 minutes to reach the desired temperature.
Constantly read the temperature strip and proceed with your experiment when it indicates the correct temperature (90-100F/32-37C).
This powdered natural urine kit looks, smells and behaves chemically as drug-free human urine.
This gives you complete confidence knowing that, unlike liquid synthetic urine, the powder is able to meet the requirements no matter the sophistication of the experiment.
We give you everything but the water, including drug-free powdered urine, a 50-ml plastic medical vial, an air-activated heater that lasts six hours, a temperature strip, and an instruction sheet that includes hints and tips.
The plastic transportation vial that comes with the urine kit can hold 50 ml.
Guidelines state that you need to submit at least 45 ml for your sample to be considered valid.
We give you 5 ml extra, but you can add 25 ml of extra water (75 ml total) if needed.
Adding more than 75 ml of water may cause you to submit a diluted sample.
The temperature strip, which reads between 90-100F/32-37C, is highly accurate, reusable and the highest quality component in the kit, so you will know exactly when you are good to go.
Extra heaters are available at the time of purchase.
They are recommended in case the test is delayed.
A digital thermometer is also available at the time of purchase.
Some people find it helpful in order to provide a wider temperature reading than the strip is capable of.
This option is highly recommended for first-time users.
An option for an extra 15 ml vial is handy for experiments that do not follow the testing guidelines.
You can dilute the synthetic urine that we give with 50 percent more water (25 ml) without causing any adverse effects.
Since the powdered urine is toxin-free and used to calibrate drug testing machines, it has never failed an experiment in the history of the product.
If you are an instructor or educational institution that wishes to purchase the fake urine kit for your classroom or lab, please contact us for educational discounts at James@SpyGadgetWarehouse.com.
The powdered urine makes a great gag gift or bed wetting prank as well.

Product Details

More Powdered Urine Kit Details
One vial containing powdered urine
One 50 ml plastic medical transport vial with a blue lid
One temperature strip
Two air-activated heaters
Pour the powdered urine in the small vial into the larger 50 ml tube.
Slowly fill the tube with water to the very top, screw the blue cap on tightly and shake until the powder is completely dissolved.
Apply the temperature strip on the front of the 50ml tube. Open the heater package, peel the paper off of one heater and stick it to the backside of the tube, directly opposite the temperature strip.
Before conducting your experiment, verify the temperature is within the correct range (90-100F/32-37C).
Tips and Tricks To Pass the Urine Drug Test
Drug tests are given following court cases or to protect the interests of public safety on a job site.
The last thing you need is for a urine sample to cost you your job, send you back to the courthouse, or keep you from parole, and all the indignities and emotional distress that come with these situations.
Still, it's important not to commit serious ethical violations, such as using this tester to get around medical screenings or a drug screening for recent drug use when you're performing safety-sensitive duties where a falsified tox screen could result in injuries.
The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT agency), for example, has serious penalties for being intoxicated on the job, and it may result in the loss of your commercial driver's license.

We must stress that job-related or legal penalties aren't the only reasons that you shouldn't use substances that could affect your judgment or performance while engaging in safety-sensitive duties.
Being under the influence can have dire effects on your reaction time, for example, which can lead to dangerous accidents, especially when driving or operating machinery.
This is true whether the substance is legal or not.
For example, THC is legal in many states now, but it impairs judgment, motor skills, and reaction times significantly.
In fact, THC is the most common substance found in drivers involved in serious accidents, including fatal accidents.
For everyone's safety, we must insist that you don't perform safety-sensitive duties while under the influence of even legal THC or other substances, as our tests are not meant to mask drug abuse of this nature.
With that covered, here are some tips for using our powdered urine kit correctly:

Always call or email in advance of your test if there are any questions.
Don't guess, ask.
Before conducting the urine test simulation, you must verify that the urine temperature is between 90F and 100F/32C and 37C.
Any sample outside of that temperature could possibly cause an invalid experiment, unintended laboratory test results, or anomalies.
We suggest you start with room temperature instead of hot or warm water because the heater we give you brings the water up to the correct temperature range on its own.
Use one heater, unless you want to get to the proper temperature faster.
If you do not see any reading on the temperature strip, it is not broken.
The urine is either too cold or too hot.
The temperature strip is highly accurate, reusable, and the highest-quality component in the kit.
If the urine is too cold, be patient and let the heater raise the temperature.
If the urine is too hot, remove the cap and heater and gently blow on the urine until it comes into the correct range.
Practice cooling the water.
Take the tube on its own, go to the sink, and put in hot water, driving the temperature off the scale above 100F.
Gently blow on the liquid until you see the rainbow temperature indicator come into the 90- to 99-degree range.
This does two things: It lets you see the rainbow indicator on the temperature strip, and it gives you experience with bringing the temperature down, just in case the temperature rises above 100 degrees.
Be sure the heater is not too close to the temperature strip or the strip will be measuring the heater instead of the water.
For a snug fit between the heater and tube, use rubber bands or adhesive tape.
Unless the urine is too hot, do not take the heater off the tube or the temperature will eventually fall out of the required range of 90 to 99 degrees.
Don't jump the gun. These heaters are single-use, so be positive about when your 10-panel drug test will take place before preparing the kit.
If your experiment requires more than 50 ml, take a small vial of water with you, so you can dilute the sample up to the minimum level of 75ml. Be careful not to affect the temperature too much.
After the urine is ready, here's how to conceal it: Women can use the bra area or adapt to the common method men use, which is to wear two pairs of briefs or tight underwear and slip the tube between the layers.
If the tube is in a warm place against the body, the temperature should remain within the correct range for about 30 minutes.
Extra heaters are available at the time of purchase.
They are highly recommended in case the test gets delayed.
A digital thermometer is also available at the time of purchase.
Some people find it helpful in order to provide a wider temperature reading than the strip is capable of.
This option is highly recommended for first-time users who need to conceal illicit drug use.
An option for extra vials (either 50 ml or 15 ml) is handy when the extra volume is needed.
Technically, you only need drops to conduct your experiment with, but extra volume is useful if you want to impress the audience or send a strong message.
You can dilute the powdered urine that we give with 50 percent more water (25 ml) without causing any adverse effects.

Is Powdered Urine Real Urine?
The kit contains powdered urine that has the qualities of real, drug-free human urine.
This urine in powdered form has uric acid and other compounds present in authentic human urine.
It will behave the same as a normal, clean urine sample in home tests and when applicants or those in a drug-court program go to take their tests.
If it is used correctly, the powdered urine sample will avoid a positive test result and conceal the use of illicit substances like THC, opiates, synthetic opioids, stimulants, and others. It will also behave accordingly for any experiments performed for health care, the creation of medicine, or similar purposes.
The powdered urine kit is also different from liquid synthetic urine or fake pee advertised in other fake urine kits.
Such synthetic urine is made using chemicals and is typically used to test the effects of urine on bedding, diapers, and other products that are likely to come in contact with it.
We don't recommend using such a product for specimen validity testing or for tests detecting the presence of a drug, as it may produce a false-positive result.

How Do You Use Clear Urine Powder?
Follow these steps to use the powdered urine kit for your experiment, simulation, or pre-employment drug test:
Pour the vial of powdered urine into the collection container tube, which is included in the kit. 
Stick the temperature strip, which also comes with the kit, to the tube.
Fill the tube with water that reaches the top of the container and put the cap on tightly.
Shake the tube to dissolve the powdered urine.
Stick the heater to the backside of the tube.
Verify the temperature and submit.
For detailed instructions and tips, check out the product pamphlet and this page. 

How Do You Pass Fake Urine for a Drug Test? 
This powdered urine kit is ideal for unsupervised drug tests.
Confirm the testing details to make the necessary preparations for the urine drug test at home or in the facility’s bathroom.
Ensure the urine sample is the correct amount and within the right temperature range to be a valid specimen.