Drones- 12 Gauge SkyNet Drone Defense (3 Pack)

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Are you bothered by those pesky drones?

The SkyNet Drone Defense system is designed to down a drone that could be interfering with police investigations, or simply trespassing and spying on public or private property.

Using 12 gauge rounds as the delivery system, the shells separate into tethered pieces after firing them.

As these parts separate and extend outward, a web is created that is 5' in diameter.

When the SKYNET round reaches the drone, the tethers and round pieces wrap around the drone, interfering with the propellers and forcing the drone to the ground.

If the SKYNET round misses the target, it is designed to parachute safely to the ground to reduce any unwanted damage or injury.

There are three in the pack.

This is your best drone defense system
12 gauge rounds are 2 3/4” chamber
Shells separate into tethered pieces
Web expands to 5' in diameter
Cords wrap around drones bringing them down
Missed shots parachute safely back to ground
Convenient, economical 3-pack