Diversion Safe- Wallet Caddy

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Hand Rolled Cigarettes



Discreet Design:

The Wallet Caddy's sleek and discreet design looks just like a stack of credit cards, making it the perfect diversion safe and stash container to carry small items with you securely.

Durable Material:

Made of the same durable PVC material as credit cards, the Wallet Caddy has ridged edges and a support bar to prevent your valuables from getting crushed.

This hidden container is designed to last.

Versatile Use:

The Wallet Caddy is a versatile pocket safe that's great for carrying medicine, cash, SD cards, and other small items that you want to keep secure in a secret compartment.

Lock Tight Closure:

The Wallet Caddy's lockable case ensures that your items stay secure and won't fall out.

This portable safe is perfect for use at concerts or when traveling.