Diversion Safe- Sunscreen Hidden Flask (Set of 2)

$19.95 $16.95

  • WORKS LIKE A CHARM: Includes 2 convincing sunscreen flasks that hold 8oz each
  • 10 SHOTS TOTAL: Perfect for you and your friends at the beach, festivals, theme parks, sporting events and more
  • UNIQUE DESIGNS: SPF 8 and SPF 30 sunscreen bottles to easily fool security so you can take your flasks virtually anywhere
  • EASY FILLING: Includes mess-free funnel and liquor spout so you can easily fill flasks with your favorite drinks
  • FOOD GRADE PLASTIC: Always wash before using

  • Pays for Itself in One Use

    The inconspicuous sunscreen designs will get you through virtually any security so you can save your spending money for yourself!

    We do not condone any illegal uses

    . Never again be forced into forking over absurd amounts of money for drinks just to have a good time.