Diversion Safe- Pringles Can

$32.95 $29.95

This Potato Chip can diversion safe is the perfect place to hide your valuables and blends in with other items in the cupboard or kitchen.

We built in TWO Hidden Compartments...

(1) to make it sound Real, like Chips rattling around if Shaken and

(2) Large second Hidden Compartment to hold Credit / Gift Cards, Money, Jewelry or any other small valuable.

The BOTTOM twists off to reveal a large hidden compartment inside that’s even wide enough to hold credit / gift cards, watches, jewelry, cash and more.

The can even sounds real if shaken, you can hear the chips rattle.

Special Wide Mouth hidden compartment allows you to hide the largest possible items.

The classic RED Can blends into any cupboard, shelf or pantry and won't get a second glance, even if it does it feels real and sounds real if picked up or handled.