Diversion Safe- Miller Lite Beer Can

$24.95 $22.95

Have no fear, your stash can be kept safe in your favorite beer!

These Beer Cans don't contain actual alcoholic beverages, but they do keep any secret items safe and hidden.

These seem like ordinary cans to most people who go snooping through your fridge, car, or room.

This is what makes the Diversion Stash Safe an ideal way to hide your stash!

Made from real beer cans, the top simply screws off to reveal the inner contents.

Store dry herb, small pipes, money, or any other valuables you don't prefer to share!

The lid screws tightly back into place for a seamless seal, transforming back into an ordinary object.

Available in multiple draft styles!


Secret stash safe

Beer can design

Keep valuables safe & secure

Multiple draft styles available

Note: Made from recycled cans, may have small surface imperfections from manufacturing