Diversion Safe- Large Charred Deluxe American Concealment Flag Wall Art

$649.95 $595.95

An Attractive Rendition & Tribute to the American Flag
Complete secure concealment of your primary home defense weapons behind an amazing piece of American made Patriotic Décor.

This premium Concealment Flag Wall Art keeps your weapons safely out of sight and available within a moment's notice when necessary.




To top off this amazing handmade piece we added three coats of premium shellac and Charred trim to really make the natural beauty of the Northern White Pine wood grain, colors, craftsmanship, and flamed charring shine through!!!
Our Modular Tactical Weapons Storage System allows the operator more weapons storage and organizational options then ANY other Concealment manufacturer's product that is currently on the market.

Once you have mounted this Attractive Rendition of the American Flag you can customize the contents.

(Weapons obviously not included)

Within seconds you can start installing your weapons just the way you want.

We also include 10 ABS Weapon Retention Hooks (enough for 5 weapons).

These will allow you to organize multiple handguns, rifles, and accessories in the most ergonomic positions you desire while keeping them securely in place when not in use.

One of the many amazing advantages to these units over the competitor's and some of the smaller units we offer which use foam... is its ability to have weapons and positions completely interchangeable in a matter of seconds, and if you're like me, who changes out weapons often and likes to reorganize my hardware monthly, this gives you limitless configuration control without having to purchase replacement foam as you would need to do with other products on the market.

These units are also equipped with a completely concealed magnetic locking mechanism.

Our magnetic locking mechanisms allow two operational functions for the operator.

(1)with the flip of a switch on the locking mechanism you can disable the lock making this unit operate as a concealment only device.

Allowing rapid access to your weapons in a home defense situation where split seconds really count, or you may feel it isn't necessary for it to always be locked.

(2) You can leave the locking mechanism activated and use one of the supplied magnetic keys to unlock the unit which also only takes seconds to accomplish and is much faster and more reliable then RFID card reading systems.

Complete installation, operating, and customizing instructions are also included.

 Deluxe Package includes;
* 20 inch by 40 inch handmade, and painted, distressed, flame charred, American Flag wrapped in a hand charred trim.

Made with solid knotty pine and cabinet grade pine plywood.

Unmatched in image quality, vibrant color, and durability!!

* Charred exterior, Matte Black coated backing and natural internal storage unit.

Equipped with MTWSS, and Completely concealed hinges.

* Preinstalled 45 pound lift shocks (which lift the face of the Flag up and out of the way when opened to reveal the concealed compartment).

* Preinstalled completely concealed magnetic locking mechanism with one magnetic key.

* Wall mounting instructions (Takes about ten minutes to install in your home without any wall modifications)

* 10  interchangeable abs firearm retention hooks 

* Mounting hardware, and operating instructions.
 These concealment units are ideal as they add style to your home décor and aid in your home defense plan.

* Each rifle size unit's exterior measures 20 inches tall, 40 inches long, and 3.95 inches deep.

This unit will accommodate a tactical rifle or shotgun that does not exceed 38 inches in length and multiple full size handguns and accessories as seen.

Shipping within the 48 contiguous United States ONLY.

Production and shipping time is currently approximately 2 weeks.