Diversion Safe- Hidden Flask Binoculars

$26.95 $24.95

The most realistic looking binocular flask available.

Double-chambered flasks that holds over 16 oz.

Rubberized coating, they look more realistic than any previous model.

Your binoculars flask set comes complete with a neck strap and a small funnel.

This binocular double flask looks EXACTLY like a real set of binoculars.

Fool anyone with these redesigned Binocular Flasks.

Given how realistic these binocular flasks look, no one will ever know they are really secret alcohol flasks.

These classic binocular flasks are double-chambered flasks that holds over 16 oz. (480ml) of your favorite alcohol.

Each eyepiece unscrews to a separate 8 oz. (240ml) flask chamber.