Diversion Safe- Fireproof & Waterproof Hanger Bag

$29.95 $24.95

  • Are you a victim of a burglary, or are you worried that your home’s property will be threatened?

    Of course, if you have safes at home, do they help protect your belongings from theft?

    Probably not, because the safe is obvious.

    Any qualified locksmith can crack the code in a few minutes.

    Using the Hanger Diversion safe, it can be easily attached to any hanger and hidden under your clothes.

    It can be hung in the closet. Between the clothes, hidden, safe and not easy to be found.

  • Double Protection-Fire And Waterproof:

    The upgraded design of fire and waterproof.

    This hanger safe is made of three layers of fiber materials (can withstand high temperatures), fireproof silicone coated glass and waterproof glass fiber, aluminum foil coated glass fiber.

    These three layers of professional materials greatly enhance the waterproof and fireproof to ensure the safety of valuables.

  • The Third Protection-Encryption Lock:

    The clothes hanger bag is equipped with a code lock.

    When you store personal valuables, you can choose to use a code lock.

    The code lock is pick resistant, corrosion resistant, compact and exquisite, providing you with double security.

  • Convenient Storage And Carrying:

    If you are a travel enthusiast, or a spy on the go, this transferable fireproof hanger bag is a good place to hide your special currency, documents, passport, mobile phone, important documents, jewelry, etc. when traveling or staying in a hotel.

    And it can also protect against some special scenes, such as earthquakes or fires, etc.

    It is worth having one or two on hand.

  • Large Capacity And Strong Versatility:

    Our hanger size is "17.7" x 15", the internal design includes an A4 size pocket, enough to hold what you want, the overall weight capacity is up to 20 pounds.

    The bag opening design makes it suitable for more clothes hangers