Diversion Safe- Electrical Outlet Hidden Wall Safe

$29.95 $27.95

This wall plug safe is a perfect spot to hide valuables from a thief.

The average burglar will only spend about eight minutes in your home.

They typically rush to grab the most obvious valuable items.

They will never suspect to check an electric wall socket for your valuable items.

Having a magnet lock makes concealment simple.

Store and conceal your cash in these specialty compartments.

Looks just like a real outlet!

Feel secure in knowing that your valuables are hiding in plain sight.

This ingenious design gives you quick access to any item you want readily available, but never found.

Can hold up to 20 cubic inches.

This wall outlet is easy to install and looks real (simple to follow instructions included).

Don't be fooled by other products that use cheap plastic.

Our wallplates are made of unbreakable nylon, the same as a normal high end outlet.

Box dimensions are 2.9 inches tall, 2.2 inches wide, 3.25 inches deep.

Safely hide extra cash, keys, jewelry, passport, bank/credit cards, USB drive, coins, bitcoin/crypto paper wallets, or any small valuables.