Disguise- Tattoo Concealer

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The no#1 rule of disguise is to not be memorable.

Tattoos, scars, birthmarks, etc. are the unique features that people remember and can get you caught.

Conceal them easily with Disguise- Tattoo Concealer.

Our tattoo cover up makeup waterproof can be used on the whole face or body.

Temporarily hide tattoos or scars, lasting concealer, waterproof & sweat proof.

1. Efficient concealer, hiding spots, scars, birthmarks & tattoos.
2. Waterproof & sweat resistant, natural & long-lasting.
3. Delicate & lightweight, with fast coverage speed, allowing the skin to breathe freely.
4. Suitable for all populations, especially those who need to cover tattoos, birthmarks, etc.

How to Use:

1. Take a proper amount of light concealer & put it into the mixing bottle, then add dark concealer & stir it evenly.

2. Apply a little concealer on the skin for color test & add dark or light cream as required.

3. Use fingertip or concealer brush to smear, cover the center of concealer & slowly smear outwards.

4. When the concealer is dry, it can be covered with liquid foundation.

5. Use loose powder to set makeup & extend concealer time.