Disguise- Fake Walrus Moustache (Several Colors)

$29.95 $24.95

This natural-size self-adhesive false mustache is a popular choice for theatre, cosplay disguise and parties of all kinds.

Makes you look great all day or night, on its own or with other special attire.

Size suitable for any adult.

A zillion possibilities – history, drama, fantasy or comedy?

Mark Twain wore a walrus, as did Albert Einstein, Teddy Roosevelt, thousands of rugged cowboys and quite a few lanky comedians.

 And Mario. Yes, the famous Mario.

 What will you do with this versatile and very stylish ‘stache?

Simple and convenient – instant false facial hair!

Easy to put on and easy to take off, yet stays in place for hours with the original adhesive.

Can be reused multiple times, for multiple performances, with a bit of double-sided tape or spirit gum.

For special needs, the moustache can also be trimmed, combed, styled and even sprayed with color, by mustaches or dyed, if desired.

 Handmade in the heart of the Europe with a lot of love and laughter.

We use only quality synthetic fur and special 3m adhesive tape that are anti-allergic and won’t irritate skin, meeting strict EU health and safety standards.

Don’t be fooled by cheap copies with inferior materials and design – your face deserves much better!