Digital Investigation Kit

$799.95 $640.50


Our Digital Investigation Kit provides access, analysis and data recovery from thousands of devices & media types.

Recover lost and deleted data from:

  • iOS Devices including iPhone, iPad, iTouch
  • Android Devices
  • Windows Desktop and Laptop Computers
  • Hard Drives, both platter and SSD
  • SIM Cards
  • Portable Memory Cards
  • More

Our Digital Investigation Kit provides the tools needed to investigate just about anything digital. Recover deleted cell phone data, computer files, USB & other storage devices, and SIM card data. Scan computers for pornographic images and videos. Log all audio on or around Windows computers. Investigate instant messenger chat logs. You can even back up photos and case file data.

  • iRecovery Stick recovers deleted text messages from iPhone, iPad and iTunes backups
  • Phone Recovery Stick recovers deleted text messages, call logs, images, contacts and more from Android phones.
  • Porn Detection Stick finds pornographic files on any Windows Computer
  • Data Recovery Stick easily recovers deleted data from computers, hard drives, USB drives, digital cameras, SD, Micro-SD cards and more
  • Chat Stick utilizes proven forensic analysis technology to shows you chat logs from Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, Trillian, Skype, & more in an easy to read format
  • SIM Card Seizure™ easily recovers deleted text messages, recent calls, contacts and more from mobile phone SIM cards
  • Multi-Device Data Cable Kit includes all common data cables, including iOS Lightning, iOS 30-pin, USB C, USB 3, Micro USB and Mini USB
  • Micro-SIM Card adapter allows examination of Micro-SIM cards found in today's modern devices with SIM Card Seizure
  • Voice Logger is a discreet voice recorder that can automatically email you all recordings
  • 64GB USB Drive to securely and discreetly store recovered data
  • Carrying Case
All data recovery products include free lifetime software updates and full lifetime warranty. Data recovery products are non-refundable.