Diamond Escape Quarter

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The Diamond Escape Quarter looks just like a regular quarter.

But concealed inside is a Diamond Escape Disc, a unique miniaturized titanium-coated escape saw which provides the cutting capability of diamonds!

Despite its tiny size, the saw is easy to grasp and can cut most anything — cord, rope, tape, zip-ties, etc., increasing your odds of escaping unlawful captivity.

Manufactured from an actual quarter, the saw remains concealed inside of the quarter until needed.

The two parts of the coin are held securely together utilizing a rubber O-ring which is in a channel around the coin’s perimeter.

To access the saw, gently pull the coin apart and it will separate into two pieces, enabling the saw to be removed.

The Diamond Escape Quarter was designed to be both clandestine and pre-positioned for deployment.

Rarely does anyone pay attention to pocket change, even during searches.

Keep this along with some regular coins in your pant’s back pocket and it can be quickly accessed even with your hands restrained behind your back.

It’s a potentially life-saving device for undercover operatives and even civilians traveling in hostile regions.

Made in USA.

Comes with 1 Escape Quarter and 1 Disc.

Additional saws are available separately.
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The Diamond Escape Disc is a miniaturized escape saw which provides the cutting capability of diamonds!

It’s easy to grasp and can cut through most any material.

It’s constructed from a dime-sized stainless steel disc, to which a layer of diamond particles is applied, and then a premium Titanium carbonitriding coating is added to achieve additional durability.

It’s tiny size and lanyard hole provide extensive concealment options.

It can be hidden most anywhere on your person, including sewn behind a button on your clothing.

It is also a replacement saw for the Diamond Escape Quarter.

 Diameter: 0.729 inches.

Thickness: 0.029 inches.

Weight: 0.037 oz. each.

Color: Gold.

Sold in pack of 3 units.