Diamond Escape Discs ( 3 pack )

$19.95 $12.95

The Diamond Escape Disc is a miniaturized escape saw which provides the cutting capability of diamonds!

It’s easy to grasp and can cut through most any material.

It’s constructed from a dime-sized stainless steel disc, to which a layer of diamond particles is applied, and then a premium Titanium carbonitriding coating is added to achieve additional durability.

It’s tiny size and lanyard hole provide extensive concealment options.

It can be hidden most anywhere on your person, including sewn behind a button on your clothing.

It is also a replacement saw for the Diamond Escape Quarter.

Diameter: 0.729 inches.

Thickness: 0.029 inches.

Weight: 0.037 oz. each.

Color: Gold.

Sold in pack of 3 units.