De-Scammer Credit Card Skimmer Detector

$174.95 $159.95

Whether you’re getting gas, shopping in a local store, or making a purchase in a busy retail mall, you need to know your credit card purchases are protected.

You should never have to worry about running the risk of your bank information getting stolen during a purchase.

With the De-Scammer, now you won’t have to!

This easy to use fob detects if a scamming device is nearby a point of purchase, and alerts you via a bright red light.

Simply point the fob at the area where you insert your card, press a button, and wait until a red light warns you or a solid green light indicate it’s safe.

This versatile tool is ideal for anyone looking to add more to their personal protection kit. 

Why the De-Scammer?

Picks up illicit Bluetooth signals which most scammers use.

Comes with a rechargeable, long-lasting battery.

Battery lasts up to 2 hours for continuous shopping use or months of on-and-off use.