Dark Assassin Ninja Swords

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Ninjas are skilled in espionage, sabotage, and above all, stealth!

Among a ninja's selection of hidden weapons, the sword is one of the ninja weapons of choice.

Keeping a weapon concealed and inconspicuous, however, is crucial for a successful mission.

These Dark Assassin Ninja Swords are a black finished sword set that you want to include in your ninja gear for your next mission!

These twin ninja swords take the concepts of ninjutsu and stealth seriously.

Each full tang sword is finished in dark black, great for camouflage and blending into the shadows.

The 16.75" blade is half-serrated, making this multipurpose ninja weapon great for both stabbing and slashing as well as ripping and sawing.

After all, you never know when you're going to run into ropes or fabric to cut with your serrated blade in your ninja survival situation.

Each sword is 26.75" long and weighs just 13.1 oz, making it possible to dual wield these sharp ninja blades!

Even the sheath of these dark swords is stealthy.

Made from dark black nylon, the sheath holds both weapons, minimizing the space required to carry these swords.

The sheath has an adjustable shoulder strap with a plastic clasp as well as a snap closure to keep the pair of swords secured.

Whether you are lying in wait or moving to your next reconnaissance point, these black dual swords will stay on your person, difficult to detect!

Each ninja sword is crafted from one solid piece of stainless steel, a durable metal that is resistant to corrosion and rust.

As a full tang weapon, the metal of the blade extends into the handle, which better balances the weapon and allows for more force to be used without snapping the blade at the handle.

The 7.5" handle has a padded grip with a black nylon wrap, making this sword comfortable to hold.

The cord wrappings are in a style resembling tsukamaki, the art of handle wrapping of a Japanese katana.

This design not only looks professional, but improves the grip on the weapon as well.

The handles also have holes cut at the ends, making it possible to attach wrist straps to these twin blades!

A ninja sword is indispensable on a ninja mission, especially when you can keep it hidden.

Add this set of Dark Assassin Ninja Swords to your collection of stealth weapons and ninjato swords!

Dark Assassin Ninja Sword Set Highlights:

Two Black Swords

Crafted from Stainless Steel

Half Serrated Blade

Full-Tang Sword

Total Length: 26.75" (approx.)

Blade Length: 16.75" (approx.)

Handle Length: 7.5" (approx.)

Weight (One Sword): 13.1 oz. (approx.)

Black Nylon Cord Wrapping

Katana Style Handle Wrap

Back Nylon Sheath with Snap Closure and Shoulder Strap