Cut Resistant Kevlar Gloves - Black

$24.95 $19.95

Protecting your hands from cuts, scrapes and other injuries doesn't mean you have to sacrifice comfort and dexterity, thanks to M48's Cut Resistant Knit Kevlar Gloves.

Wearing them feels much like ordinary knit cotton gardening gloves - soft, snug, flexible; but their advanced Kevlar construction stops even the sharpest knives, glass, sheet metal and other hazards from slicing and scratching up those valuable hands and fingers while working.

Use them alone or as liners for larger gloves of all sorts - leather, neoprene, rubber, latex, nitrile and more.

You don't have to be a chef, woodcarver, butcher or other professional knife wielder to benefit from these versatile hand protectors!

Perfect for anglers, they prevent painful, infection prone "stings" from catfish fin barbs and nasty cuts from grimy, rusty fishing hooks - all without hampering your ability to perform the delicate procedures involved in fishing.

Even simple everyday tasks like opening a tin can or paring an apple can result in deep lacerations and costly stitches; M48 Cut Resistant Kevlar Gloves prevent these and countless other cutting injuries and the resulting unsightly scarring.

Best of all, they're remarkably affordable! You won't find Kevlar gloves of this caliber priced lower anywhere else, so go ahead and get a pair for the kitchen, garage, workshop, tackle box, toolbox, vehicle or anywhere else you may handle sharp objects.

It won't break the bank and is far less expensive than staples and sutures at your local emergency room!

Includes pair of gloves - both right and left hand.

One size fits most.

Protects hands from cuts, scrapes
Advanced knit Kevlar construction
Great for anglers, chefs, anyone
Won't hamper finger dexterity
Use alone or as glove liner
Soft, comfortable, flexible
One size fits most