Covert Gift Card

$39.95 $34.95

At a glance, the Covert Card™ appears to be just another gift card.

In reality though, it's a well-stocked tool shed for both escape and surreptitious entry deployments.

They are manufactured using actual gift cards.
(Many hundreds of different gift cards are used, so designs will vary and only a few will be identical.)

The Covert Gift Card features a discreet, low-profile design.

The tools are not visible from exterior view, and remain silent during carry – no rattle or movement.

Just keep it in your wallet with your other cards and it will always be available when needed.

The tools are mounted on a high-density, closed-cell, non-absorbant, proprietary foam material which is coated on one side with a re-usable adhesive.

The tools are held securely in place, but can easily be removed and re-affixed.

The Covert Gift Card contains these 9 tools:

1) Rake Lockpick
2) Handcuff Lockpick /  Feeler Lockpick
3)Tension Tool (bend-to-fit)
4) Diamond Rod Saw
5) Bypass Knife Tool
6) Mini Shim Decoder 
7) Handcuff Shim Pick / Saw 
8) Diamond Escape Disc
9) Ceramic Razor Blade 

Weight: 0.42 oz. Size: 3.375” x 2.125” x 0.12”.
Made in USA.