Covert Brush Knife

$19.95 $14.95

Do you need an easily concealed and discreet personal defense item?

If so, you'll look smart and feel secure anywhere with the Covert Brush Knife from United Cutlery.

It looks like an ordinary hairbrush but take away the bristles and the handle becomes a highly effective dagger with a tough 4 1/4" ABS/nylon/fiberglass composite blade.

At 9" overall, it's small enough to fit in any purse or pocket - perfect for solo joggers or anyone who may one day face a threatening situation - this means you!

At this low price, it's easy to get one of these potential life-savers for yourself and several to give away to family, friends and other loved ones.

Looks like a hairbrush, stings like a dagger
Sharp 4 1/4" dagger blade penetrates deeply
ABS/nylon/fiberglass composite construction
Virtually unbreakable composite material
Small enough to fit in a purse or pocket
Great for solo jogs, nighttime parking lots
Overall length: 9"