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The Converta-Chuck is a durable multi-form weapon that transforms from a 23.5" baton to a set of nunchucks with a twist.
Okay, with a few twists.

The handles parts are screwed together.

These black nunchucks are made out of a lightweight aluminum, which means that your kata will be fast and powerful.

The 5" chain tucks neatly into the handles when you screw them together for the baton form, and remains inside (you'll know the chain is still in there because you'll be able to hear it rattling inside).

Don't miss out on this chance to get a great pair of black hide-a-chucks, which you can use to practice your nunchaku techniques, and your kali fighting.

Converta Chucks highlights:

Crafted out of lightweight Aluminum

Glossy black finish

Easily converts from nunchucks to a baton and back

5" Ball-bearing swivel chains

Baton Length: 23.5" (approx.)

Nunchuck Handle Length: 11.75" (approx.)

Diameter: 1.25" (approx.)

Weight: 17 oz (approx.)