Collapsible Live Fishing Bait Trap - Large

$24.95 $18.95

Why pay for live fishing bait when you can catch your own for free?

Trailblazer's Collapsible Live Bait Trap makes it easy, requiring little time and almost no effort! It's perfect for catching minnows, crawfish, shrimp, smelt, bream and countless other prized bait species.

Cleverly engineered and solidly built, Trailblazer's Live Bait Trap features tough advanced synthetic netting and a stainless steel frame.

The frame offers spring action, allowing you to "pop-out" and collapse the trap as needed.

Trap operation is incredibly straightforward, ideal for beginners and veteran anglers alike.

Just place an attractant suitable for the type(s) of fish you seek in the trap's handy zippered bait pocket; then, holding the attached tether, toss the trap in a fish-occupied water body at the appropriate depth, secure the tether to something sturdy in an easy-to-find spot on the bank; wait and check daily - or more or less frequently, depending on local fish populations.

It's a remarkably simple concept, yet extraordinarily effective!

Trapped fish are easy to access via the large zippered catch opening.

Once finished, the generously sized trap collapses flat for convenient storage.

Trailblazer's surprisingly affordable Live Fishing Bait Trap is a fantastic investment, especially for avid anglers.

With all the cash you'll save at the bait store, it could even pay for itself after a single use!

  • Saves you money on expensive store-bought live bait
  • Durable synthetic netting with metal frame
  • Zippered access to catch; tether included
  • Dual fish entrances; zippered bait pocket
  • Collapsible; spring-like pop-out design
  • Simple, effortless, fast and effective
  • 28" long x 10" wide x 10" deep