Coffee Stash- 50 Count (Bulk)

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($8.00 each vs $14.95 each when purchased separately)

Coffee Stash is an innovative clandestine concealment device that can keep small valuables hidden from prying eyes and safe from thieving hands while in a vehicle or in other environments.

This device is concealed by being submerged in coffee at the bottom of a standard disposable coffee cup (the kind you get at any coffee drive-thru place). Its buoyancy-defeating design prevents it from moving inside the cup or floating up to the surface. This re-usable water-tight device is made with food-grade plastic.  

A disposable coffee cup filled with coffee in a car's cup holder seldom draws the slightest attention. It's extremely unlikely that anyone would steal it, let alone remove the lid and then stick their fingers into the coffee and feel around inside.  

Coffee cup and coffee are not included. Compatible with most major brands' disposable cups, including Starbucks® (8 oz to 20 oz).
Interior dimensions: 1.75" diameter x 1.75" height. Weight: 1.6 oz. Color: black. Made in

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