Diversion Safe- Clear Water Bottle Stash Safe

$34.95 $32.95

The Dasani stash water bottle is another popular diversion safe.

Indistinguishable from the real thing, the top and bottom halves twist off to reveal the storage compartment hidden in the middle, behind the bottle's label.

This hidden safe is constructed from an authentic Dasani water bottle and features an unbroken factory-sealed cap, as well as the top and bottom halves of the bottle pre-filled with water (not to be consumed).

Another popular feature of this stash bottle is its secure design, a concern with many diversion safe bottles of this style.

The only moving parts of this Dasani stash diversion safe bottle are the top and body.

We have made sure the top is solid and designed to click shut securely by reverse screwing instead of just sliding on and off.

- Actual bottle dimensions measure approximately 9” high, 3” wide.
- Inside dimensions approximately 4” deep
- Mouth of inner container is approximately 2” diameter

For added security we have included a tinted HumanFriendly smell-proof bag (measuring 4.5” x 3”) to help keep your valuables even more secure.

Having extra padding inside of the hidden compartment helps muffle the sound of anything moving around inside.