Cigarette Pack Hidden Camera w/ Motion Detection Recording

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Recording stunning HD video has never been easier with a hidden camera and DVR hidden inside an ordinary looking cigarette box (not included).

Use with any brand of cigarettes, simply replace with this box, and make a tiny hole in the box.

Start and stop recording from a distance using a remote control hidden in your hand.

Record Stunning 1920x1080p Color Hidden HD Video

Hiding within this ordinary looking product is powerful removable hidden camera.

You’ll be able to see most of your room, edge to edge without missing a thing.

  All the video is recorded in MPEG on time/date stamped files for easy saving, emailing or playback on your PC or Mac computer.

It records stunning 1920x1080p video at 30 FPS. Either record continuously or use the motion detection setting to record directly onto a removable SD card.

17 Hour Standby Rechargeable Battery For Surveillance On The Go.

When you need to either quickly drop-and-go your hidden camera or place it in an area where outlets are not an option, this system comes with a removeable and rechargeable battery that gives you up to 17 hours of continuous juice on standby when you choose the motion activation setting.

This means your camera will sit in a dormant state, conserving power until motion is detected, then it will instantly power on to capture everything, without missing a moment.

When on continuous, the battery will last about 7 hours
Record Weeks Of HD Video Onto A Removable SD Card

Using an optional 32GB SD card, you’ll get hours of continuous video, or with motion activation mode only, you'll never run out of video memory quickly. The choice is yours.

Additionally, you’ll be able to “hot-swap” SD cards by easily removing a filled up one, and replacing it with a fresh blank card.

This way you’ll quickly be able to bring the footage back to your computer for review without ever missing important video.

Time/Date Stamp File Names Provides Unquestionable Proof

All of the video and recorded video files have time and date stamped directly on the video. This provides clear-cut proof of exactly when the event occurred.

Easy-To-Use Settings For Recording & Playback
Nothing complicated here. The hidden camera is ready-to-go out of the box with motion detection settings. Simply unpack, and plug into an outlet to fully charge. You’re all set. When you’re ready to watch the video, remove the SD card, pop into your computer, and watch the video, or use the included video cable to plug into a TV / monitor. Easily save the video files to your computer for unlimited archiving.

Motion Activated Or Continuous Recording Captures Only Whats Important
Capture & watch only the action. No more sitting through hours of video watching an empty room. The motion detection mode will record in 5-minute clip intervals until motion stops. This ensures you’ll never miss a thing. You can also push the button to start recording all the time until you manually push the button to stop recording. You'll get 4 hours of video per 8 GB of memory, So a 32 GB card will give you 16 hours of continuous video. Keep in mind that the battery will only last about 7 hours on a full charge.
1 Year Warranty & Unlimited Tech Support
Rest assured your investment is protected with a 1 year warranty & unlimited tech support. Exceptional care and superior manufacturing is taken into this product and you’ll always have a live body to speak to in the event you have support questions for the life of the product.

Technical Specs

1920x1080P 30 FPS Video
Supports 32GB micro SD card
MJPEG Video Format
17 Hour Standby Battery
Motion Detection Recording
Continuous Recording - about 7 hour battery life
Record 4 Hours Per 8 GB
Snapshot Mode via remote control
Manual Recording
3" 1/8 high 2"1/4 wide and 3/4 deep. Pinhole is on slim side about 2.5 inches from the bottom

Hidden Camera
8GB SD Card
Remote control
Video output cable

* Actual Cigarette pack NOT included.
This will fit virtually all cigarette cases. 

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