Chap Pick Lock Pick Escape & Evasion Kit

$74.95 $69.95

The Chap Pick Lock Pick Escape & Evasion Kit
 is designed to give you an unexpected edge when you find yourself in illegal detention, or in a non-permissive environment.

It contains the essentials you’ll need to escape being tied up, handcuffed, or locked away, all in a nondescript container that won’t merit a second glance from anyone else.

The container itself is designed to pass a casual visual inspection as a common tube of lip balm, from the dimensions, material, all the way down to the character font and color scheme.

Inside you’ll find eight miniature tools, all tightly packed to prevent any noise which might give away the E&E kit’s true purpose.

The kit includes:

A tension wrench and three lock picks.

The tension wrench can be used as a shim to escape handcuffs, or to escape zip tie restraints by lifting off the zip tie tab.

The three picks include a single hook, half-diamond, and Bogota models are all hand-filed and custom sized specifically for the Chap Pick container and made from high carbon steel street sweeper bristles.

They’re perfect for picking your way through a padlocked chain or locked room, once you’re free of your personal restraints.

A miniature blade for cutting through zip ties, thin metal, wood, or plastic.

This serrated blade is custom cut from a close quarter handsaw blade.
A mini-sized glow stick to help light your escape, or signal for help to any first responders or rescue element.

Because these glow sticks are one-time use, the kit ships with two additional spare glow sticks.
A five-foot length Kevlar survival cord, useful for a wide variety of tasks during escape, evasion, or a survival scenario.

It’s perfect for cutting through zip ties using friction or making a trap or snare once you’re free and on the move.

This cord is rated for 200lbs of breaking strength, is flame resistant, and .036” in diameter.

The survival cord is tightly bundled with several bands, and extra bands are included for re-packing it as needed.
One standard handcuff key, modified to fit inside the tube and wrapped in rubber tubing for noise reduction and improved grip.

The last thing you want is to lose hold of this key if you’re cuffed behind your back and only have one shot at freedom.

This handcuff key will function with the majority of handcuff brands worldwide, including ASP, Hiatts, Peerless, Smith & Wesson, Walter, and more.
Don’t leave your personal security and freedom to chance.

Equip yourself with the tools that will keep you safe when you need them most.

The Chap Pick Lock Pick Escape & Evasion Kit
 weighs less than one ounce and will fit in any pants pocket or gear bag you have.

Pick one up for your travel bag and one for every day carry, so it’s always within reach.