Lockpicking- Bump Key Set (2, 3, and 5 Pc.)

$42.95 $19.95

The 2-Piece Bump Key Expansion Set includes:

Schlage - SC4
Kwikset - KW4

The 3-Piece Bump Key Set contains:

3 of the most commonly used keys in North America: Schlage (SC1), Kwikset (KW1), Master Lock (M1).
Bump keys are a favorite in the security community due to their speed and effectiveness.

With proper technique, many of the commonly used locks in North America can be opened in seconds.

The 5-Piece Bump Key Set includes everything above:

Kwikset - KW1
Master - M1
Schlage - SC1
Schlage - SC4
Kwikset - KW4