Disguise- Book- Undercover Disguise Methods for Investigators: QuickChange Techniques for Both Men and Women

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The road to master of disguise is a difficult and exciting one, fraught with equal parts danger and intrigue, but fortunately you don't have to go it alone.

The book you see before you will serve as a roadmap through the disguise terrain; novices and masters alike will find in these pages invaluable wisdom, advice and guidance previously unavailable in such a concise format.

Recent years have seen unprecedented technology advancements.

However, investigation and intelligence agencies still need field personnel; they need feet on the ground.

To be effective, investigators and clandestine service persons need strong tradecraft skills that include the ability to disguise themselves.

This book presents undercover disguise methods that came into focus in the clandestine services of World War II, evolved during the Cold War, and today features modern innovations.

Here the reader discovers the latest disguise technologies, traditional and innovative methods not taught by police academies or included in college law enforcement and criminal justice curriculums.

Customary purposes for disguise include to avoid recognition, support a pretext character and the corresponding undercover operation, prevent somebody accurately describing the agent, and to thwart physical surveillance.

Naturally, some disguises are quicker to implement than others and some are more believable.

Some disguises withstand prolonged closeup scrutiny, whereas others are suitable only when viewed briefly or from afar.

The authors have removed the mystery and made short work of carving out a path for anyone looking to hone their craft in the art of disguise, ensuring success for all who are daring enough to pursue this road less traveled.

226 pages