Book- Ultimate Survival Manual: Survival After A Global Catastrophe Knowledge to Rebuild, Survive and Thrive

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If you want to learn how to survive off of the land then keep reading…

Do you want to be one of the few to survive or even flourish after the Shit Hits The Fan?

Learn survival techniques, even if you currently have zero survival skills!

Could the end of the world as we know it really happen?

Any of the following could happen or as scientists say will happen: a nuclear war, major terrorist attack, solar flare, pandemic, man-made biological weapon release, super volcano, asteroid impact, EMP detonation... should I continue?

Once there is no police and no fear of authority, people will quickly revert back to preying on each other with no regard for the value of life.

For many that value will be zero!

You will need a new skill set to survive!

What if you are stranded in the wilderness simply because the battery in your GPS died or your plane made a crash landing!

You will need a new skill set to survive!

No longer will your Real Estate Brokerage skills or Accounting skills help you.

You will need a new set of skills for these situations.

Skills such as finding water, starting fire, knowing which plants are edible, and knowing how to build a shelter will be “need to know” skills and techniques.

Without this knowledge your chance of survival decreases dramatically.

Don’t think it can happen to you?

From 1992 to 2007 there were 78,488 individuals involved in 65,439 search and rescue incidents in the United States National Parks alone!

We can’t all be a "Dave Canterbury"!

It is unrealistic to expect to become a world class survivalist when you don’t practice it every day.

Knowledge is the key.

Here I hope to store some of that knowledge that you and I both know exist but maybe don't have a need for it in our modern lives.

However, having access to that knowledge will be critical at some point.

In this book you will discover and have available forever:

7 ways to start a fire

Learn which wild plants are edible

10 ways to procure drinking water

Learn how to make tools from scratch

How to make gunpowder, glue, soap etc.

What to put in a bug out bag

Learn about natural medicines and cures

How to build both long term and short term shelters

How to make clothes

How to make weapons

How to trap your own food

And More…

This list is just a sampling of the information contained in the nearly 700 of pages of the book.

681 pages.