Book- Tobias on Locks and Insecurity Engineering: Understanding and Preventing Design Vulnerabilities in Locks, Safes, and Security Hardware

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A must-read exploration of lock and physical security from a renowned author and expert.

In Tobias on Locks and Insecurity Engineering, renowned investigative attorney and physical security expert Marc Weber Tobias delivers a comprehensive and insightful exploration of how locks are designed, built, and ― ultimately ― defeated by criminals, spies, hackers, and even lockpickers.

In the book, you'll discover the myriad ways that security experts and bad actors have compromised physical locks using everything from the newest 3D printers to 99-cent ballpoint pens.

The book explores the origins of different lock designs and the mistakes that design engineers make when they create new locks.

It explains the countless ways that locks remain at risk for attack.

The author explains the latest lock designs and technology, as well as how to assess whether a specific solution will work for you depending on your individual security requirements and use case.

You'll also find:

Ways to differentiate between fatally flawed locks and solid, secure options

Several relevant and real-world case examples of catastrophic lock design failures that led to monetary loss, property damage, or bodily harm

Examinations of lock security from the perspectives of forced entry, covert entry, and key-control

An instructive and indispensable roadmap to locks and physical security, Tobias on Locks and Insecurity Engineering is the perfect guide for security and information technology professionals, design engineers, risk managers, law enforcement personnel, intelligence agents, regulators, policymakers, investigators, lawyers, and more.

720 pages.