Book- Thrive in the Coming Dark Age: How to Build the Ultimate Survival Homestead

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The Most Comprehensive Survival Book Ever Written! Follow Army Ranger Instructor, Engineer, Off-Grid Builder, and Survival Expert Joshua Morris (M.S.) as he gives a chillingly accurate description of the coming societal collapse, and how to survive the coming Dark Age through self-reliance, self-defense, and preparedness homesteading.

Joshua has mastered chaos, parachuting into Iraq in March of 2003, graduating Ranger School and Sniper School, and surviving multiple worldwide deployments, prior to earning advanced degrees in both History and Engineering, and then building his own off-grid homestead and farm.

"Thrive in the Coming Dark Age" describes in detail, the cause and effects of the inevitable collapse that is coming following decades of resource consumption and waste, economic mismanagement, skyrocketing populations, and increasingly lethal conflict.

Joshua shares every detail of what he has done to prepare, and how you too, can build, grow, and maintain your thriving, self-sufficient, off-grid homestead, powered by renewable energy, and protected by Army Ranger security tactics and equipment, to keep you and your loved ones fed, healthy, and safe no matter what doomsday scenario lies ahead.

266 pages and Contains over 120 illustrations, diagrams, and data tables of homestead creations and design solutions

-Learn Special Operations tactics, and examine detailed descriptions the Coming Global Collapse.

-Joshua relates his knowledge with personal anecdotes that are Sometimes Harrowing, Sometimes Hilarious, but Always Informative!

The Following is a list of Topics Discussed in the Book (Everything you need to Survive is Covered):

Chaos and What the Dark Age Looks Like, First Hand

The Current Status of Western Civilization, Not Good

Effects of Resource Scarcity

Examples from Africa, Syria, and Ukraine

Four Scenarios for the Future of World Civilization

What is the Earth’s Carrying Capacity?

What Should Humans do to Survive this Dilemma?

Choosing a Retreat Location


Rainwater Catchment, Gravity Flow, Groundwater

Windmills and Hand-Pumps, Solar Pumps, Ponds

Shelter and Building a Large Bunker

The Basics of Masonry Construction, Planning Considerations, Foundations, Bunker Walls, Bunker Roof

Concealment considerations

Passive Solar Heating and Cooling

Active Heating of your Home, Vertical air exchange


Livestock, Grazers, Rabbits, Chickens, Livestock Guardian Dogs, Hunting for Protein, Hunting Big Game,
Small Game and Trapping

Sources of Carbohydrates

Nut Trees, Making Flour from Nuts, Cattails as a Major Food Source

Planting Grain Without Machinery, Survival Vegetable Plot

Homestead Dairy

Nutrition for Dairy Animals, Caring for the health of your dairy animals, Harvesting and Processing Milk, Butter, Making Cheese

Preserving Food

Building the Root Cellar, Stocking and Caring for a Root Cellar, Canning Food, Dry Curing Food, Dry Curing a Ham, Jerky, Curing Fish, Smoking Meat, Hot Smoking, Cold Smoking


Determining your Energy Needs, Efficiency, Appliances

Designing your Off-grid Power System

Batteries, Solar, Wind Power, Hydro, Charge Controllers, Inverters, Solar Hot Water Heating


Pack Animals, Solar-Powered Utility Vehicles


Rules of Engagement

Shaping Your Homestead Location

Obstacles, Key Terrain

The Gear Locker

Firearms, Optics, Night Vision, Thermals, lasers, Radios, Body Armor, Drones, Cameras and Early warning Devices

Making the Leap, How to afford Your Survival Lifestyle

266 Pages