Book- The Wonderous World of Pickpocketing

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Want to set yourself apart from other magicians?

Discover the secret to a criminally-overlooked skill that is easier than you think and will help you stand out from the crowd with The Wonderous World Of Pickpocketing by Héctor Mancha.

The idea of learning pickpocketing is a skill that scares many magicians.

But, what if we told you that you can enter this exciting world without actually having to steal anything?

The Wonderous World Of Pickpocketing by Héctor Mancha is the ultimate guide to learning theatrical pickpocketing.

Theatrical pickpocketing transforms the art of pickpocketing into a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience.

It has been used by many great magicians like Alexander Herrmann, Blackstone, Paul Daniels, Derren Brown, Tommy Wonder, Darwin Ortiz, Ben Seidman, and even our own Andi Gladwin.

Yet very few resources have been available to learn it—almost none of which focus on presenting these ideas through the lens of magical entertainment.

That is why we are beyond excited to bring you FISM-winner Héctor Mancha’s new book, The Wonderous World Of Pickpocketing.

Everyone from beginners to pros will love this book because it’s the perfect entry into the world of pickpocketing.

You will learn a ton of real pickpocketing skills, practice drills and routines that are perfectly explained and illustrated.

But, you will also discover techniques that can be be best described as pseudo-pickpocketing.

Essentially, you can build up confidence and work toward stealing stuff for real through tightly-scripted, audience-tested routines that will convince your audience you’re a master pickpocket without you actually needing to be one.

There is no better way to add a new layer of mystery and excitement to an act than by secretly removing an item from a spectator.

Giving someone their watch back as they leave the stage is a guaranteed moment of shock and laughter that will make your act instantly memorable.

So, yes, you’ll learn how to steal watches, ties, belts, wallets and even glasses.

But, more importantly, you’ll learn how to script these steals and put them into action.

There are many complete routines included and very few of them actually rely on real steals to work.

There’s room to add in real pickpocketing once you’re comfortable.

But, it’s not needed to perform many of the routines and your audience will still be left with the impression you are a master thief.

Everything is explained across 113 beautiful pages accompanied by wonderful illustrations.

And the book is funny too!

Héctor is as hilarious as he is talented.

There’s even a chapter with his Mother’s hot sauce recipe in that we highly recommend you try.

There really has never been a book like The Wonderous World Of Pickpocketing.

Sure, you can learn “traditional” theatrical pickpocketing, but not in a way that applies that skill (or the appearance of that skill) to a parlor magic act.

If you are looking for new, super-strong, audience-tested stage and parlor magic material that will make you look like the master of an unusual, exciting and secretive skill, grab The Wonderous World Of Pickpocketing by Héctor Mancha today!

The Wonderous World Of Pickpocketing Contents

Prologue - Woody Aragon


Before You Start

Preventative Measures

How To Practice

The Auditions

Studying The Value of Your Audience

Let’s Start Pickpocketing

The Groundwork

A Brief Guide To Pickpocketing

The Watch Steal

The Tie Steal

The Belt Steal

The Front Pocket Steal

The Blazer Steal

The Glasses Steal

A Basic Pickpocketing Script


Magic Routines

Himber Night Revenge

Pick Bill in the Shadows

Ring Over the Rainbow

The F*ing Awesome Robbery of the Rainbow

The Doppelganger Comes Round for Coffee

The Impossible Robbery of the Invisible Man

Johnny Slates Steals a Bill

The Elegant Robbery of Sean Connery

Other Tricks

Final Words

My Mother’s Hot Sauce Recipe

A Brief Bibliography

Hardcover  113 pages