Book- The Ninja Mind: Harnessing the Mental Strength and Physical Abilities of the Ninjutsu Masters

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Enter the mind of one of ninjutsu's most renowned teachers and start your journey towards martial arts mastery!

The Ninja Mind documents Ninjutsu black belt Kevin Casey's journey toward mastery under the tutelage of Stephen K. Hayes, Black Belt Hall of Fame member and the "Father of American Ninjutsu." Casey vividly describes his successes and setbacks studying with his famous teacher--as well as his growing interest in the Ninja art of kuji-no-ho, the most specialized of traditional Ninja practices.

Combined with determination and discipline, Casey's techniques and exercises will guide you to embody a ninja mindset.

Exercises such as 'The Unbendable Arm' and 'Manifesting Power' will develop your physical strength, while 'Walking as the Hero' will hone the mentality necessary to overcome any challenge.

Chapters in this ninjutsu guide include:

The Nine Powers

The Secrets Told

Physical Strength

Mental Strength

Spirit Strength

Negative Emotions

As Stephen K. Hayes states in his foreword to the book, "It is [Kevin Casey's] and my hope that you will be inspired to seek out such power in your own life.

The journey towards grasping the needed lessons will not be easy; it will not be comfortable or quick…but it is worth it. We'd like to show you how."

160 pages.