Book- The Ninja Defense: A Modern Master's Approach to Universal Dangers (Includes DVD)

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Master the Japanese martial art of ninjutsu with this illustrated, informative guide.

In The Ninja Defense, the classic art of the ninja is updated for maximum effectiveness in modern day situations.

Stephen K. Hayes is a Black Belt Hall of Fame member, founder of To-Shin Do, and acknowledged "Father of American Ninjutsu."

He has distilled and refined the knowledge he has built studying and teaching ninjutsu for decades into a comprehensive self-defense system that can defuse the worst situations the modern world has to offer.

The result is a realistic martial arts training system that includes instruction in techniques and strategies for dealing with:

Grappling, Throwing, Choking, and Joint-locking

Striking, Kicking, and Punching

Stick, Blade, Cord, and Projectile weapons

Handling multiple assailants and Surprise attacks

Overcoming psychological intimidation or Bullying

This ninja book, which includes a bonus DVD, focuses on Hayes' revised take on the classical martial arts styles of Japan's famed shinobi.

He provides his readers with all the key ingredients--both physical and mental--to emerge safely from unexpected danger.

The chapter on mental discipline will allow readers to feel more confident in whatever situation everyday life brings.

The Ninja Defense contains extremely practical techniques that the author honed while serving as a bodyguard for His Holiness the Dalai Lama and fine-tuned through years of teaching.

It is the ultimate self-defense book from a true martial art master.

160 pages