Book- The New Prepper's Survival Bible: (13 Books in 1) The Definitive Long-Term Survival Guide to Be Prepared for Every Scenario. With Life-Saving Techniques, Home-Defense Strategies, Stockpiling, Canning & More

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Build the essential skills to help you survive catastrophe and get your family ready for any disaster with this EXTREME EDITION prepper’s survival bible.

Do you want to discover the essential survival strategies that will help you overcome disaster?

Are you looking for proven advice for protecting your family, stockpiling in case of emergency, and surviving the end of the world?

Or do you want to develop key wilderness and urban survival techniques to help you in any situation?

With a complete collection of an incredible 13 books on prepping and urban survival, this ultimate guide is your proven blueprint for escaping disaster.

Breaking down tried-and-tested prepping knowledge into easy-to-follow strategies and advice, you’ll learn how to start stockpiling resources, protect your loves ones, and survive the total collapse of society.

Whether you’re worried about natural disasters, nuclear war, disease outbreaks, or an end-of-the-world scenario, the expert lessons inside this book will give you and your family the best chance against life’s uncertainties.

Inside, you’ll find handy tips and tricks for food preservation and canning, purifying water, easy survival skills that everybody can learn, administering first aid, building bomb shelters, and even off-grid living.

Don’t risk your future or rely on the government to keep you safe – now you can take your future into your own hands and rest easy in the knowledge that you’re ready for anything.

You’ll even find bonus advice on home and urban defense, as well as a complete prepper’s cookbook and gardening guide to help you prepare fun and delicious recipes no matter the state of the world.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside:

 Practical Strategies For Stockpiling, Canning, and Gathering Water on a Budget

 Common Prepper Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

 Simple Advice For Designing a Bunker or Bomb Shelter (Without Breaking The Bank)

The Complete Prepper’s Cookbook With Delicious Food For The Whole Family

 Life-Saving First Aid Advice For Common Emergency Situations

Off-Grid Living 101 – What You Need To Know When Bugging Out and Escaping Society

 Two Handy Bonus On Wilderness Survival

And So Much More…


A Prepper's Long Term Survival Guide

How to Become a Prepper

Practical Survival Skills

The Prepper Pantry

Canning and Stockpiling Guide

Water Survival Guide

Prepper's Survival First Aid

Bomb Shelter Building Guide

Home and Suburban Defense

Off-Grid Shelter & Living

The Prepper's Cookbook

The Prepper's Garden

Trapping and Hunting Guide

BONUS 1: 101 Trips and Tricks to Survive in the Wild

BONUS 2: Prepper's Medical Handbook

Perfect for aspiring and experienced preppers alike who want to save time and avoid costly (and potentially life-threatening) mistakes, The New Prepper’s Survival Bible - Extreme Edition is your must-have companion guide.

This collection will give you the confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re ready for whatever life throws at you.

Are you ready to build the skills you need to survive disaster?

260 pages.