Book- The Navy Diving Manual - Revision 7 - Book 2: Full-Size Edition, Remastered Images, Book 2 of 2: Mixed Gas Surface Supplied, Closed & Semiclosed & Recompression

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Book 2 of 2 

Current, extensively overhauled edition: Revision 7, Change A (2018).
Significantly improved, clarified, corrected and optimized from the previous edition.

The international standard technical diving reference: authoritative, proven procedures.

Created and trusted by the United States Navy, used by recreational, commercial and military divers around the world.

Contains Volumes 3 - Mixed Gas Surface Supplied Diving Operations, 4 - Closed Circuit and Semiclosed Circuit Diving Operations, and 5 - Diving Medicine & Recompression Chamber Operations

Giant, full-size edition: big 8.5"x11" format means crisp, clear print and illustrations.

Looks great on any diver's bookshelf!

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Since the early 1900s the United States Navy has produced the internationally-recognized bible for all recreational, commercial and military divers.

Now with the new Revision 7 (Change A) the Navy has created the ultimate up-to-date reference book for the diver, covering every imaginable aspect of diving instruction and information in nearly 1,000 pages total (presented in two books).

Easy to read, and as accessible to the novice as it is to the expert, the Diving Manual contains an immense, detailed and deep body of knowledge unavailable elsewhere.

The Manual consists of five volumes, spread over two books:
Book 2 contains:

Volume 3 - Mixed Gas Surface Supplied Diving Operations (103 pages, 22 illustrations). Surface-Supplied Mixed Gas Diving - Saturation Diving - Breathing Gas Mixing Procedures.
Volume 4 - Closed Circuit and Semiclosed Circuit Diving Operations (129 pages, 13 illustrations). Electronically Controlled Closed-Circuit Underwater Breathing Apparatus (EC-UBA) Diving - Closed Circuit Oxygen UBA (CC-UBA) Diving.
Volume 5 - Diving Medicine & Recompression Chamber Operations (141 pages, 43 illustrations). Diagnosis and Treatment of Decompression Sickness and Arterial Gas Embolism - Recompression Chamber Operation - Neurological Examination - First Aid - Hazardous Marine Creatures.

Additionally, the publisher has remastered and redrawn illustrations throughout the Manual for clarity and reading enjoyment, as well as adding icons to cautions and warnings for greater visibility.

426 pages